April Whitening Special

$150 In-Office Whitening

Benefits of Having Whiter Teeth

  1. Completely enhances your appearance: dark liquids like your favorite mocha, coffee, tea and soda will stain your teeth over time.
  2. Whitening will boost your self-confidence: Your self-confidence will shoot through the roof. You’ll want to show off your new pearly whites to anyone who’s willing to look. Remember smiles are contagious
  3. Whiter teeth will minimize the look of wrinkles: A whiter smile shifts the focus on your face. Once your teeth are visible, people will naturally zero in on your smile.
  4. Doesn’t break the bank: With our amazing deal you can make a huge update to your look without spending a wad of cash.
  5. A brighter smile makes you seem friendlier: The impact of smiling is strong. Smiling and showing off those pearly whites releases endorphins that help ease your nerves.
  6. Get a positive outlook on life: Even when you aren’t truly happy, smiling tricks your body into believing that you are. A smile can instantly change your mood. So get those teeth whiter so you will want start showing off your smile!

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